Drumroll Please

This has become one of my favorite issues because the content is largely directed by you, our readers.  In October, we asked you to submit your nominations in over 30 categories from Home Services to Medical to Dining and Entertainment. Then came the final round of voting.  Over 160 businesses received enough nominations to be voted … Continued

Seeing 2020 in the New Year

This is the time of year that everyone considers how they can better themselves and, like many of you, there are about a million things that I would like to improve. With a list that long it can be easy to lose focus. With this issue, we share different perspectives, tips and inspirations to help … Continued

Here’s to Another Year

And just like that, we are at the end of the year. 2019 has been packed with celebrations as we awarded the winners of the inaugural Readers’ Choice Awards in January and then released our first-anniversary issue in May. We loved sharing the stories of our community while shining a light on local charities, organizations and businesses.  … Continued

Take Some Time

As we get closer to the holiday season, it amazes me how fast the year has gone by. November is already here! Thanksgiving can be a great time to pause and reflect. So, with this issue of Mason & Deerfield Lifestyle, we are encouraging you to take some time for … Supporting Local Organizations like … Continued

Something for Everyone

Spicy or mild. Beer or wine. Indulgence or for a good cause. When it comes to food and drink, there are so many ways to enjoy and experience them. In our October issue, we’ve included something for everyone.  There’s no better place to start than at the dinner table. Our partners at Watson’s share the … Continued

Find Your Style

With each season we get to reset and start anew. For most, we signify this by switching our clothes to fit the weather … although that is proving to be more difficult with Ohio’s unpredictable weather. In this issue, we share ways to show your style through your home, fashion and actions. When you binge-watch … Continued

Back to School

This month brings the end of summer vacation and the start of the new school year. There’s always a lot of excitement for kids as they eagerly await getting back to school to share fun summer stories with their friends.  For Mason Middle School students and teachers, the excitement is seeing the renovations that were completed … Continued

Time for an Adventure

Summer is made for exploration. Without the busyness of the school year, we have the time to hit the road and discover something new.  I remember cramming into the back seat with my siblings as our family traveled to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Of course, there were moments of annoyance and the inevitable … Continued

Living Their Lessons

This is not only the title for our cover story but also a theme that relates well to Father’s Day. As I reflect on the lessons I learned from my father, over the course of my life, I can see I’ve tried to emulate his loyalty, patience and kindness. Another lesson I learned from him is … Continued

Celebrate Good Times!

Growing up, I was always excited about the month of May. The biggest reason was that it is my birthday month. Who wouldn’t be excited when your birthdays included backyard relay races and building ice cream sundaes by dropping the ingredients from the kitchen window, one story above grinning kids filled with joy and laughter? … Continued