Coffee for a Cause

If you miss the subtle signage when approaching Axis Christian Church on Route 42, you may miss Kala Coffeehouse, tucked away behind the church’s front entrance. This would be a shame, as Kala offers a friendly, comfortable atmosphere with an exciting menu featuring coffeehouse classics and signature specials. 

Guys’ Night Redefined

S.W. Clyborne Co. Provision and Spirits’ Victorian-meets-steampunk design shapes the restaurant’s interior. The dining area features an open kitchen, including a chef’s table and a striking enclosure for private parties.

Learning Through Play

 Article Laura Leavitt | Photography Provided  Rachel Kopfler, president of the Mason Parks & Recreation Foundation, noticed something special as her triplets were growing up together: even though one of them was born with a spinal cord defect, they all played really well together.  “When he was born, the doctors weren’t exactly sure what he’d be able to do,” Kopfler…

What’s Brewing In Mason?

 Article Laura Leavitt | Photography Eric Thomas Photography  Everything in 16 Lots Brewing Company exudes a comfortable and casual atmosphere: from the charming mismatched tables, chairs and stools, to the funky décor and lights, to the darts area and shuffleboard court, it’s obvious you’re meant to take a seat and stay a while. Walk up to the bar and fill…